25kg & 1 tonne bags of Glass Shot Blasting Media

Mineral Processing - Drying Plant


Stacey Processing have a drying plant which is independent of our screening and crushing systems, meaning it can be used to dry materials for further processing on our other plant or for materials which require drying only. Our drying system has the capacity to process up to 400 tonnes a day, and can also be easily cleaned down for smaller batches of multiple materials.

Locker Screening

Stacey Processing have locker screen plants which can be used for crushing and grading a wide variety of materials including; Carbons, limestone, grit stone, slate, clays, sands, glass, spa, alumina, chrome slags, garnet, granite, brick and many more. Our locker screens can be used to produce up to 5 different fractions in one processing campaign. We use Barmac crushers with inverters so that crushing severity can be altered to produce whatever yield you require.


Your materials can be packaged to whatever your specification. Including bulk bags of any size, plastic heat sealed 25kg bags, paper 25kg bags, and loading into tankers or into bulk tippers. We will also supply the packaging if you require.


Stacey Processing have a blending plant which can be used for blending two or more materials to a high accuracy and consistency. These materials can then be packaged into bulk bags, 25kg bags loaded into tankers.

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