1.0mm x 0.2mm Glass Shot Blasting Media sample

Recycling & Mineral Processing

Glass Grit/Shot Blasting Media

Stacey Processing is the market leader in Recycling Glass for use as shot blasting media, offering a sustainable alternative to existing materials. Using a series of specialised processes we are able to turn waste glass into a 100% recycled product called Glassgrit.

Glassgrit is a sub-angular, washed, cleaned and dried 100% recycled glass abrasive to be used as a direct replacement for silica sand, pumice, dolomite, slag grits (Iron Silicate or Aluminium Silicate), olivine, garnet or aluminium oxide.

Results from our own tests and feedback from our customers suggests that the benefits of using Glassgrit instead of existing materials are threefold as Glassgrit is:

  • More efficient to use
  • Cheaper
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Glassgrit is available in a range of sizes to suit a wide range of applications, meaning that we can supply you with the perfect product whether you are carrying out the most delicate ancient restoration, or blasting deep sea corrosion off a ship.

Our standard sizes are available from £55 per ton in a bulk bag or from £70 per ton in 25kg bags. These sizes are:

  • Super Fine 150 x 300 Micron Recycled Shot Blasting Glass 180 x 400 micron
  • Fine 200 x 500 micron Recycled Shot Blasting Glass 180 x 600 micron
  • Fine Medium 0.2 x 1.0 mm Recycled Shot Blasting Glass 0.18 x 1.0 mm
  • Medium or Medium+ 0.3 x 1.25 mm & 0.5 x 1.25mm Recycled Shot Blasting Glass 0.4 x 1.25 mm
    (+) 0.5 x 1.25mm
  • Coarse 1 x 2mm Recycled Shot Blasting Glass 1 x 2mm
  • Large Coarse 3 x 1mm Recycled Shot Blasting Glass 3 x 1mm

We can also produce our glass to any specification you require.

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