-200 micron to 3x1 mm grade Glass Shot Blasting Media

Mineral Processing - Crushing & Milling

Stacey Processing have installed a series of crushing machinery, screens, dryers, and locker screens that allow us to crush materials of any size down to the finest powders. These machines combined with our large tracked machines and rock breakers mean that we can take a material from 2metres + right down to -100microns.

All our plant can be used independently or in sequence to process a wide range of materials including: limestone, carbon, glass, alumina, chrome slags, granite, grit stone, sand, brick, magnesite, flour spa and many more.

Our crushing plant includes:

  • Large jaw crusher
  • Rotary crusher on tracks
  • Power screens
  • Lightning and Barmac crushers
  • Ball mill

Ball Mill

We have installed a closed circuit Ball Mill, Locker Screen and Air Classify system which can be used to produce up to 5 different fractions in one processing campaign. Many materials can be milled right down to -100 micron and beyond.

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