Aggregates & Glass Wash Plant

Mineral Processing - Washing Plants


Stacey Processing have a wash plant which is designated to washing glass. We use a specialised process which separates the glass from any contaminants such as paper and plastics. This means that our glass products can be made from 100% recycled glass.


We also have another wash plant which is designed for washing aggregates such as granite chippings, pebbles, limestone, gravels, shingle, coarse sands and many more. Our system incorporates a cyclone which we use to reclaim any sand that is washed from the aggregate.

Our wash plant can be used to recycle material which in many cases would otherwise have been sent to landfill. Waste materials such as road sweepings, building rubble, brick and overburden can be crushed on our machines and then washed to produce clean stone and sand for concreting, tarmac and surface dressing.

Stacey Processing is currently contracted to Derbyshire County Council to recycle all their surface dressing chippings. These granite chippings are then relayed on the roads all over the county.

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